KEK GENIE - (PC Version)
To operate with KEK GENIE cylinders in the PC-Version you need a Lap Top installed with Windows 95 or higher, with a CD-Rom unit and the KEK GENIE Programmer which must be linked with the Lap Top. The KEK GENIE software must be installed in your computer. For each Masterkey System you will get with the delivery, a diskette which must also be installed. When the program is open, go to Options and select language, select English and you are able to start. To program cylinders you must insert the output cable from the programmer in the cylinder where the antenna is fixed. To program keys you must put them on the programmer where you see printed KESO key.
User keys Catalogue Number 20.124/037/10 

Master key unit dependent – with drilling and blue casting mould – numbered consecutively

Per Masterkey-System you are able to program up to 2000 keys, quantities of cylinders are unlimited. Each key can be programmed for an allowed or blocked access in all or in only one cylinder.


 Master Key

Each User key can be transferred on the programmer in a Master Key.

The Master Key must be used if we programmed a cylinder with different Change – or Vario-code.


 Functional Keys
Mutation Key  Catalogue Number 20.232/037/10  

Master Key unit dependent – without drillings and blue casting mould marked Mutation – numbered consecutively

If you put this key on the programmer you are able to program or delete the access of max. 4-keys. After inserting this key in the cylinder you have changed the pro 


 Service Key

With the programmer you are able to transfer a Mutation key in a Service Key.

You need this key after you have changed the batteries, so that the counter will be reset which is integrated in the cylinder software.


 Event Register

The last 100 openings are always registered
and can be read back via the Lap Top. It shows you which key was inserted in this cylinder and if the cylinder was opened or not allowed/no opening.

It will also show you if a Mutations Service key etc… was inserted.


 Cylinder program features

Change Code -
up to 16 Changes Codes

Vario–Code  - up to 16 Vario Codes


 Statistical Expiry Date

The cylinder compares the programmed date of the cylinder and the key.

Keys with expired date are invalid.


 Logistics for KEK GENIE Cylinders

Master Key Unit Number

Will be provided and registered by KESO/DEALER
Any key and cylinder will be programmed with a Master Key unit number.

All cylinders have an ID, Version Number and the production date can be read back via the programmer unit.

The battery status can also be read back and shows the quantities of openings, as well as advising when the batteries need to be changed.

All dates will be programmed in a “non run away” storage
All dates will be transferred, via the antenna, in the cylinder software (which is marked blue).


 KEK GENIE Keys (PC Version)

Keys Data

Electronic Masterkey Number
Description e.g.
Pointer Code
Change Code and Vario Production Data
Personal assignment


Read and write chip with given security code
Non Changeable ID-number (programmed by laser unit)

Data Processing

Registration of keys given out, must be done via a Lap Top
Read back and Write must be done with the KEK programmer which is linked to the computer.


 KEK GENIE Cylinder (PC Version)

Cylinder programming

All data will be set up via Lap Top, with linked programmer, the cable “output’ from the Programmer must be inserted into the cylinder, where the KEK GENIE antenna is fixed.

Electronic Masterkey Number
Authorization Access
Change code, Vario Code, Expiry Date
System Regulation


 Events Data

Could be read back only with Lap Top linked programmer and the cable out must be inserted in the cylinder

The last 100 movements could be read back – key number, type of key, and if programmed also the name of the key holder, it will advise there was any valid or invalid openings.

All this data can be printed our.


Battery Life Span

 - with integrated Battery Pack

After 8’000 openings – first warning step
You must insert the key 2 times in the cylinder

 - with external battery Pac

Maximum:  100’000 openings

After 98,000 openings - first warning step
You must insert the key 2 times in the cylinder

After 99’000 openings – second warning step
You must insert the key 4 times in the cylinder

 - Durable time

Maximum 2 years warranty

 - Battery Replacement


 KEK GENIE Cylinder with Integrated Batteries

Can only be done by trained dealer or persons.

After you replace the Batteries you must insert the Battery Reset key so that the incorporated counter will be reset (Home Version). (PC-version you must insert the service key).

The batteries are available only from KESO/DEALER.

Battery Requirements :

Humidity 95%     + 50?/span> Celsius

Temperature Conditions :

With Integrated Batteries:   + 60?/span> - - 3?/span> Celsius outside temperature

With External Batteries:      + 70?/span> - - 20?/span> Celsius outside temperature 


CE* tested
IP 144 – electronic protection against water influence
Oxidation Protection, such as Mediterranean and Tropical condition is available on special request as the cylinder must be specially treated.


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