As a modern and professional Ironmonger, Ronstar  is offering a very wide range of Architectural Hardware and Security products. The following will provide you an insight into the background of our company, including but not limited to our principle activities and distinctive services which are not usually found amount our competitors. In short, our products and services are built from the "TOTAL CLOSING SOLUTIONS" CONCEPT.


Ronstar established in 1989 with the object of providing a highly professional range of security services, burglar alarm systems, security equipments, full range of locks and locksmithing services and access control system to our client. In line with our development, Ronstar begins to offer full range of Architectural Hardware and consultation services to Architect, Builder and Developer commencing from 1992. Through her sister company Ronstar Ironmongery & Security Supplies Ltd which has a valid Security Company Licence for design, install & maintenance of CCTV, inturder alarm, access control system, Ronstar does offer a full range of "DOOR RELATED" products and services.

It is our company policy to offer the "BEST OF THE CLASS" services at a reasonable and fair price. To demonstrate our commitment to "TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION" we offer independent consultation services. Client can hire best of the class consultant from Ronstar. The independent consultant will submit report which is totally geared to the benefit to the client, not Ronstar. We also offer free Ironmonger Scheduling services to Architect and substitute solutions to builder.

 Principle Activities

Ronstar's Principle activities are including but not limited to :
  • Ironmongery Scheduling services to Architect;
  • Ironmongery Substitute proposal services to Builder;
  • Whole-sale of Ironmongery, Security Equipments, Access Control System, Automatic doors, Bank equipments;
  • Independent consultant services in both Ironmongery and Security, Access control system;
  • Design, Supply and Install of Full range of automatic doors;
  • Design, Supply and Install of full range of CCTV, Intruder Alarm, Access control system.

 Management Beliefs

Ronstar is operating under the following beliefs:

  • Both Benefit Deal
  • Value for Money services, products
  • Right class of services, products for specific client, project

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