Revolving Door Series

- Operation Principle
- Finish Available
- Basic Operation
- Enclosure
- Door Leaf Cross
- Floor Covering
- Sliding leaves
- Programmable
- Security Features
- Safety Features
- Options
- Installation
- Dimensions
- Glass Selections
- Drawings
 Operation Principle
Electronically monitored Automatic Revolving door or automatic access control. At lot of model and operating modes available. These selectable options are ranging from simple draught proof function to maximum security checkpoint with individual access. The design can range from classics design of prestigious appearance and low space requirement to customer specific design.


 Finish Available

Standard Provisions:

Stainless steel – 320 or 316 glossy, satin finish,
Aluminum – anodized, powder coated (Choice of RAL colors)
Other designs on request,
Customized design by arrangement


 Basic Operation Construction (i.e., Door Wing System)
A.) 3 leaf design (120 degree) or,
B.) 4 leaf design (90 degree – door wing move 90 degree to grant access) or,

4 leaf design (180 degree- door wing move 180 degree to grant access)


  1. Made of metal (i.e., cannot see through) or,
  2. made of frame with glass panel (for difference bullet resistance, Difference kind of glass will be selected)


 Door Leaf Cross


  1. with slender mullion, or
  2. without mullion

Sealing brushes made of horsehair

  1. toughened safety glass door with edge protection or,
  2. frame with glass panel for
    Resistant to objects being thrown through or
    Intruder resistant, or
    Bullet resistant

Door handle

  1. Standard no handle or,
  2. Color co-ordinated door handles or,
  3. Customer specific door handle


 Floor Covering

  1. Standard on Finish Floor level (therefore, floor covering is not needed)
  2. Or,

  3. Contact mat (pressure mat) made of rubber, or
  4. Trapezoidal compartment mat, or
  5. Coconut matting, or
  6. Customer’s Choice


 Night Security Sliding leaves (optional)
  1. Outside Enclosure (example shown 180 degree model), or,
  2. Inside enclosure (example shown 180 degree model)
  3. with mechanical cylinder lock or with motor drive (remote controllable with electromechanical locking instead of cylinder lock),
  4. made of metal or
  5. Made of glass (various level of protection available) with frame.


 Programmable Functions
  1. Entry Direction

    Free, or
    Block, (Locked), or
    Electrically controlled (e.g. By access control system or by a 
      Manual switch at the guard post)

  2. Exit Direction

Free, or
Block (Locked), or
Electrically controlled (e.g. By access control system or by a Manual switch 
  at the guard post)


 Security Features
  1. The door rotates and blocks (lock) automatically for 1 person only.
    Attempt to force the door are defeated by
    1st. A passive response, i.e., high resistant value, and
    2nd. An active response, i.e., reversing at low force
  2. If no one passed through, after an adjustment time, the security
    revolving door will be locked again.
  3. Anti-Tailgating. If unauthorized person attempt to entry or exit the
    protected area when a authorized person is coming through at an
    opposite direction, depending on the door leaf system of the security
    revolving door and the travel status of the legitimate user, the security
    revolving door with either stops and reverse or let the legitimate user t to Pass, lock the unauthorized user at the prohibited zone and then
    reverse back to force the unauthorized user to go back to his original
    entry points). No one will either be place in danger or locked in.
  4. Anti-two person passes by one access request (Optional). As an option, It is possible to monitor the number of person go in (or out) by a single Access request. If more than 1 person attempt to go in by a single access request, the security door will handle it passively and actively as listed above.
  5. As an option, it is possible to install a random generator at the revolving door for staff searching purpose. The argument are :
  1. if everyone is being searched, a clear search is not possible, in particular, peak hour, and therefore, searching has no use;
  2. if the security personnel select who will be search, they will not - select high ranking employee
    - Cause employee relation problem because the person being selected will think  that the guard is pinpointing him or doubt if he is looking like a criminal.
  3. Random check provide a high level of checking possibility and at the same time, provide a very high level of deterrent effect because no one know when he will be selected by the machine.


 Safety Features
  1. In the event of power Failure

    Free turn
    Blocked (locked) however, it is so design that no one will be locked in
    As an option, it is possible to manual release of door leaf cross locked
       when de-energized
    As an option it is possible to install an EM lock at the door leaf

    So that a clear passage is provided in case of fire alarm, electricity failure 

  2. Safety Edges
  3. Low force (momentum movement) so that even user is accidentally be hit by door wing, he will not be hurt, and door wing will reverse a small distance so that the person being hit is possible to come out from the revolving door.


  1. addition or installation of card readers, intercom systems etc
  2. signal equipment
  3. random check generator
  4. control console for remote control (release, block and reject)
  5. emergency power supply
  6. heating
  7. lighting
  8. manual release of door leaf cross locked when de-energized
  9. re-inforced designs as a protection against vandalism, burglary (armed) attack and fire
  10. external enclosure (with or without night security device)
  11. internal enclosure
  12. door leaf cross
  13. enclosure glazing to top edge of finished floor
  14. mode selection switch
  15. balance with adjustable weight limited – (weight data transmission to access control system – so that card holder will not only be check with his card, but also his body weight when he enter the door.


  1. On finished floor level (FFL)
  2. On structural slab (SFL)
    - on pre-installed base frame
      connection to drainage system of building


  1. Outside diameter
    1540mm, 1740mm, 1940mm or other size required by client
  2. Overall Height
    At least 2200mm (underfloor motor drive system)
    At least 2400mm (drive in top drum)
  3. Height of passage – 2100mm
  4. Width of passage

Diameter 1540mm - 530/780/950 mm
Diameter 1740mm - 615/900/1090mm
Diameter 1940mm - 700/1020/1230mm
(for cycle of rotation 90degree/120degree/180degree models)


 Glass Selections :
- Laminated glass 8mm
- A3 Laminated glass 10mm
- B1/C1 Laminated glass 18mm
- B1/C2 Laminted glass 23mm
- B2/C3 Laminted glass 29mm
- Tough safely glass 25mm


- Detail drawing will be forwarded when requirements are cleared.


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