Masterkeying Series

Electronic masterkeying

Mechanical masterkeying

 Type of Masterkeying System that we offer
  • Simple Masterkeying
  • Complex Masterkeying (with a lot of levels of masterkeying)
  • Matrix Masterkeying (in addition to a lot of level, it is possible to person and door arrangement like a matrix instead of traditional tree concept.
  • Registered Masterkeying System
  • Non-registered Masterkeying System
 Locking function that we are possible to offer under 1 masterkey
  • Euro-profile 17mm cylinder (or call profile cylinder or euro-profile cylinder)
  • Swiss profile 22mm cylinder
  • UK Oval profile cylinder (Union Profile)
  • Swedish Profile cylinder (ASSA Profile)
  • American Screw on cylinder (ANSI cylinder)
  • Latch cylinders for Rim Lock (both concentric and Exocentric)
  • Roller Shutter Cylinder
  • Window Cylinder
  • Padlock
  • Cylindrical Knobset cylinder
  • Cam Lock
  • Electrical Switch Lock
  • All Kind of Furniture Lock
  • Push button lock
  • Lockable T-handle and knob
  • Panic Hardware cylinder
  • Mechantronic Lock (cylinder combine with mechanical arrangement and electronic devices (eg. IC, Contactless Smart Card) so that the same key in additional to operate a mechantronic lock which is asking for the mechanical and electronic coding of the key, can operate contactless, access control system, fare collection system etc.
  • Other cylinder format made to specific need of client as request.

 Masterkeying System Management Services

- Keyplan Development Advisory

  • Keyplan Preparation
  • Keyplan Registration
  • Keyplan Management Software

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